From a small family business to a multinational. Since its founding in 1943, Vebego has grown to become an international organisation. It is active in the fields of cleaning, facility services and the development of innovative services and products. More than 38,000 employees, spread over more than 40 companies, stand for enthusiasm and commitment. Through the Vebego Foundation, Vebego is firmly committed to corporate social responsibility.

Meaningful Work

In 2014, Vebego started with a “dream”: to develop a tool that can measure Meaningful Work with direct and indirect employees. Why this dream? Because it’s the fulfilment of the Close to You 2016 strategy which contains the statement: “We want to offer Meaningful Work to 40,000 employees”, as well as the intentions to reduce the diversity of tools, make trends visible between companies and thus stimulate learning ability between companies. By now, the vision “Vebego vitalises Work and Care” is widely known, and the Meaningful Work tool is a contribution to this. The tool is also a great example of impact measurement.


Research agency Flycatcher was created in 2000 as a spin-off of Maastricht University. Flycatcher has meanwhile developed into a medium-sized research agency with an enthusiastic team of university-level researchers and innovative IT specialists. The basic premise is that research should demonstrably contribute to making the right decisions based on reliable, compact and policy-relevant information. In our view, knowledge and understanding are undeniable factors for success for all organisations.

Vebego partnered up with Flycatcher to develop, and to keep developing, the Meaningful Work tool. The research agency conducts measurements and analyses and is responsible for the feedback of results.